Is it fall ALREADY?

October already? I know I always say that I’m sure, but it does seem like summer goes much faster than the winter months. Still the holiday season is coming and we will be preparing all our lovely air plant designs soon and hanging them in our booth at the Galleria. So maybe that’s a lesson for me; not to think of winter as cold and miserable, but think about the holiday season to come, the bowls of hot soup and cozy fires and the beauty of nature whatever the season, while we hunker down and wait for spring once again. The seasons will come and go whether we like them or not right? So let’s all be positive, try and enjoy and embrace the seasonal changes. I’m going to start working on that right now 😋

Spring has sprung!

I’m declaring spring has sprung, despite the disgusting weather currently battering our poor northern neighbors.  Spring is always a bit of a guessing game here in Chicago. It likes to keep us on our toes, one day warm, two days freezing, one day rain, one day sun and then dare I say it snow! 😳. Still we must be positive for as in all things this to will end.

So come along to the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago, check out their Facebook page or website we have tons of great artists displaying some exciting things, from jewelry, to clothes, household goods, pottery, art, plants etc.  if it’s cold out you can shop in the warmth and comfort of three floors of very cool stuff!  😋🌱

Faux Arrangements

Were making more and more faux arrangements for our Galleria booth these days.  While we have many customers who love the simplicity of living air plants, succulents and cacti, there are still plenty of you that just don’t feel you have a green thumb at all.  Not only that but sometimes the light is so bad in a certain space that you just don’t think anything living will actually grow in there and that may be the case.   If you have an area that is particularly dark with hardly any natural light coming in, then admittedly it is going to be tricky finding something that will thrive there.   There is where faux arrangements come in useful.   Don’t get me wrong these are not your old ‘70’s faux arrangements with shiny plastic plants so clearly artificial.  No, faux plants have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, so much so that we quite often have happy customers who’ve purchased an arrangement thinking it’s real and asking us how to keep it alive.  I’m happy to say when they find out it’s actually faux they are more than happy, realizing the terrific quality of artificial plants these days, plus of course our artistic talent of making these arrangements so they look as real as possible 😋 .   So don’t be shy come on in and see us,  and when you visit we have lots of easy to care for living plant arrangements plus hand-outs telling you how to look after them, and attractive and terrific artificial ones just in case you really believe your thumb is brown 👎🏾!  Check out these photos of some of our faux arrangements now available at Andersonville Galleria in Chicago!  See you there.

Terrariums Big And Small

If you think terrariums are difficult check out this one.

999896A0-62F2-428F-AA21-5E8882A25D4E Terrariums are self sustaining living creations that if planted properly can survive for years by themselves as in this example.  

Come  visit us at our booth in Andersonville Galleria, to check out some small terrariums to get you started.  You know the saying ‘from little acorns…..’ Well,  from little terrariums great things can grow!   Here’s a few of our smaller terrariums which are great for beginners, you’ll be hooked in no time!

New Year – New Plants 🌱

So it’s 2019. Where did 2018 go? As usual the days, weeks, months fly by and before we know it we’re celebrating another new year.
If you haven’t visited our blog before you’ll see we’re all about plants. Houseplants, airplants, cacti, succulents even outdoor seasonal plant containers. Anything to do with plants we love to make or install for you or your home. So if you’re one of those people who thinks they don’t have a green thumb, call or email us for information, advice, help and of course encouragement, coz plants make people happy, not to mention help the environment outside and in. Did you know in the dry winter months houseplants give off much needed humidity helping to make your home more comfortable, not to mention purify the air inside when all your windows are closed. There are a few that are excellent at that too. So if you want to know more give us a call. Healthier, happier homes is the name of our game here at Design Interior Plant.
Here’s to another new year and hopefully with new house plants a healthier home as well!

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Christmas 2018


Add air plants to your Christmas tree and give them as gifts.

You can see and purchase your air plants, terrariums, and other plant designs at the Andersonville Galleria


Light for your air plants: Bright or filtered sunlight, they can handle the sun in winter or if they have silver foliage.


Tillandsia Juncea


Watering your air plants: Mist plants twice a week, if very dry, then mist three times a week.

Plants can be soaked for an hour to over night in water if very dry also, or if you will be gone for a week, with no one to mist them.




Air Plants attached to grapevine logs show them off as you would find them in trees.





Air plant ornaments look great in a Christmas Tree.





Last Minute Shopping?

Calling all you procrastinators out there, last minutes gifts including our living plant designs are available at the Andersonville Galleria, Andersonville, Chicago.  It’s one of the great places to shop for Christmas.  So many fab stores including the three floors that are the Galleria.  We’re open late nights too and if you’re a really bad last minute shopper the Galleria is open Christmas morning just for you!  So come on in and get living gifts for the people you love.  These are gifts that keep on giving all year long;  so how could they forget you or the wonderful present you gave them! 😁

Happy Christmas everyone and here’s to a New Year surrounded by the wonderful gift of plants.  Cheers to 2019! 🎄🌵🌱☘️🎍

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