Horticulturist Consultant

Exotic, easy to grow house plants are from the gesneriad family.

Gesneriad family contains over 2,500 species of plants. The most common is African Violet which can bloom all year-long and are easy to care for.  Streptocarpus is another easy and long blooming plant, keep it blooming by cutting off dead flowers to keep it from going to seed.
Most gesneriads are from tropical and subtropical regions of the world; however, the ones we buy at the store are hybridized from the wild species.
Water when surface is dry with warm water. Moist soil is best, never soggy.
Fertilize with an African Violet food at 1/4 the rate suggested on the package every time you water. Once a month use plain water to flush soil of any accumulated salts.  
Gesneriads like good bright light, no direct sun. Early morning sun is okay, like an east window. These plants do very well under grow lamps, which many collectors use to grow their prized specimens.
Repotting, use African Violet soil. Gesneriads have fine roots and rarely require repotting. When pot is full of roots, then it is time to repot. Select the next size up pot, avoid too large of pot.

   –Streptocarpus hybrid




Kohleria species
Kohleria species
Streptocarpus hybrid
Streptocarpus hybrid

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