Holidays are coming

The Holidays aren’t far away and the weather has certainly given us some clues to that as well.  As outdoor  gardening  grinds to a halt it’s time to hunker down and think about making a garden inside.  Our rooms can certainly benefit from having plants in them.  They purify the air which can get stale and filled with toxins from our furniture and candles we may burn during the winter months, they also help with humidity which is a perfect addition to all those plug in humidifiers we have to use.  Plants can also make us feel happier, by elevating our mood.  When we have to take care of them during those cold dreary months of winter they can bring us pleasure with beautiful  flowers like the easy care Christmas cacti, or with bright colourful foliage as in the varieties of  Fittonia’s, or Chinese Evergreens for example and, did you know you can grow lemons indoors as well if you have a bright sunny room?  The Meyer Lemon tree’s  flower fragrance is intoxicating not to mention the bonus of fresh lemons.  Other plants that are easy to care and work well in darker rooms, are Zizia, Sansevieria, some of the Begonia’s and  ferns like the Asparagus fern.  Air plants are another easy alternative if you don’t have a lot of room or don’t want to be bothered with soil. These easycare plants just need a place to rest, some light and a few sprays of water a week to keep them happy in your homes.  So there’s no excuse not to fill your house with beautiful plants while your outdoor garden sleeps.

In addition to houseplants or air plants, you can create your own mini garden with a terrarium.  These can be made to fill any space in your house be it big or small and can have low light plants inside or bright sunny loving cacti.  There’s so much variety in ‘minis’ as they’re called for terrariums these days, plus ornaments, statues, tiny garden furniture, the world is as big as you can dream it inside one of these magical places!  These can be fun to create with your children too.  So don’t go worrying about the miserable weather outside this winter, step into the world of terrariums or create your own outdoor space indoors with a variety of houseplants to blow away those winter blues!