Memories and holidays

The holidays are almost upon us, where does the time go?  Reflecting back on 2018 which seems to have flown by so quickly has brought some good and bad memories of this past year.  However, I’m also reflecting on the designs we have made and thinking about those new and old is always fun.  As the holiday season approaches, quicker than I’d like,  I’m happy to say we have stocked our booth at the Andersonville Galleria full of wonderful new designs for the season that’s upon us.    The good thing is that our air plant and terrariums arrangement will not only look good for the holiday season but will bring joy to you all year long.  That’s the fun of living plants, even when the weather is gloomy plants bring joy to us.  It’s been scientifically proven that nature, plants etc. can lighten our mood and even help with depression, so what’s not to love? So with that said here’s to the holidays, hoping everyone has a great time.




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