Terrariums Big And Small

If you think terrariums are difficult check out this one.

999896A0-62F2-428F-AA21-5E8882A25D4E Terrariums are self sustaining living creations that if planted properly can survive for years by themselves as in this example.  

Come  visit us at our booth in Andersonville Galleria, to check out some small terrariums to get you started.  You know the saying ‘from little acorns…..’ Well,  from little terrariums great things can grow!   Here’s a few of our smaller terrariums which are great for beginners, you’ll be hooked in no time!

New Year – New Plants 🌱

So it’s 2019. Where did 2018 go? As usual the days, weeks, months fly by and before we know it we’re celebrating another new year.
If you haven’t visited our blog before you’ll see we’re all about plants. Houseplants, airplants, cacti, succulents even outdoor seasonal plant containers. Anything to do with plants we love to make or install for you or your home. So if you’re one of those people who thinks they don’t have a green thumb, call or email us for information, advice, help and of course encouragement, coz plants make people happy, not to mention help the environment outside and in. Did you know in the dry winter months houseplants give off much needed humidity helping to make your home more comfortable, not to mention purify the air inside when all your windows are closed. There are a few that are excellent at that too. So if you want to know more give us a call. Healthier, happier homes is the name of our game here at Design Interior Plant.
Here’s to another new year and hopefully with new house plants a healthier home as well!

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