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Artificial or Real?

Quite the conundrum.  For sometime now I have been making terrariums and arrangements using live air plants and succulents. However, just recently I decided to venture into the world of artificial plants.  These give one far more range in the designs and uses of such material.  I’m seeing these become more and more popular at design and home goods stores such as Pottery Barn for example, so know they are on trend.   I’ve made a few of these arrangements, the first two photos above are of artificial plants, the second two are live plants.

As usual check out my work and that of my partner at Andersonville Galleria in our booth ‘Design Interior Plant’.  You won’t be disappointed at the selections we have to offer, and we can make designs to suit so feel free to email us.  You’ll find our business cards at our Galleria booth.

Fresh Air and Air Plants.

I love the four season weather, but here in Chicago some of those seasons can be brutal.  From the freeze of winter to the heatwaves of summer it always keep us on our toes.  That’s what makes indoor plants and gardens so much easier.  No worrying about what the weather conditions may be doing to our poor plants outside as you are in control of such things.  It is known  that not only do houseplants purify the air inside your home, but can enhance mood and of course add a pleasing aesthetic quality to any room in your home.  Air plants or Tillandsia as they are called are some of the easiest plants to care for.  These plants thrive on air and just need to be attached to something, or placed in any pretty container and sprayed with water or soaked occasionally in order to survive.  We have lots of beautiful air plant arrangements in our booth at the Andersonville Galleria so why wait for spring to arrive?  Just brush off those winter doldrums and stop by our booth and pick up a little bit of spring  and add beauty and fresh air to your home today.



Moss gardens

The beauty and tranquility a moss garden can bring  be it outdoors or in a terrarium is something I have always loved and appreciated.  For me they lend a sense of mystery and fantasy, a world open to one’s imagination and interpretation.