Faux Arrangements

Were making more and more faux arrangements for our Galleria booth these days.  While we have many customers who love the simplicity of living air plants, succulents and cacti, there are still plenty of you that just don’t feel you have a green thumb at all.  Not only that but sometimes the light is so bad in a certain space that you just don’t think anything living will actually grow in there and that may be the case.   If you have an area that is particularly dark with hardly any natural light coming in, then admittedly it is going to be tricky finding something that will thrive there.   There is where faux arrangements come in useful.   Don’t get me wrong these are not your old ‘70’s faux arrangements with shiny plastic plants so clearly artificial.  No, faux plants have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, so much so that we quite often have happy customers who’ve purchased an arrangement thinking it’s real and asking us how to keep it alive.  I’m happy to say when they find out it’s actually faux they are more than happy, realizing the terrific quality of artificial plants these days, plus of course our artistic talent of making these arrangements so they look as real as possible 😋 .   So don’t be shy come on in and see us,  and when you visit we have lots of easy to care for living plant arrangements plus hand-outs telling you how to look after them, and attractive and terrific artificial ones just in case you really believe your thumb is brown 👎🏾!  Check out these photos of some of our faux arrangements now available at Andersonville Galleria in Chicago!  See you there.